How long does a grant take to be approved ?

Every supplier is different, grants can take up to 9-16 weeks for the process. Chiquel can only release a product once the grant has been approved. You will be notified via email from Chiquel once the process has been approved to provide you with the next steps.

Do these grants apply for chemotherapy hair loss?

Unfortunately, most grants do not apply to chemo hair loss, they are based on clients who have long term hair loss, such as Totalis Alopecia. Though some private health care does give money back, It would be ideal to speak to your health care provider to see if you are eligible.

How much will I get back?

Every grant varies from different states as to how much you can receive. 

Am I able to apply more than once?

Yes. Depending on the grant, most allow you to re-apply for a new grant every one to two years.

Do I require a medical certificate?

All grants do require a medical certificate to apply.

Grants only applied on full priced items, Classified as Final Sale

The grant will only be honoured on full-priced items. Not valid on promotional or discounted prices. Any item received via a grant is classified as a final sale. No Returns are available. 

Availability of your item

We do require proof that your grant has been approved from the provider indicated on your grant. Once you have been approved we can then start the process of your order. We are unable to guarantee your item is in stock once the approval has been made. You will be notified if your item is on back order and will be processed accordingly to when the stock becomes available.